As long as projects are stuck under corporate structures, they cannot keep up with the extremely fast and flexible scaling and iteration cycles of startups. From 10 years of corporate innovation experience at Mercedes Benz, with several awards as Europe’s Best Company Builder, we know exactly what works and what doesn’t.


Apply with your project and become part of our 100-day Venturing Program.
In a structured 100-day sprint based on our lean startup methodology, your team and our innovation experts will develop a value-based and sustainable business model – ready for a potential spin-off.
Successful founders from our campus accompany the team as mentors & sparring partners.

From 0 to Venture
in 100 Days

Your company has breakthrough technologies with enormous potential outside your core business.

Let’s exploit the potential of combining your know-how with our lean startup toolbox to transform your corporate technology into a successful business - serving as partner and co-investor.
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Established structures, lack of capacity and missing innovation hands-on experience prevent the successful realization of promising ideas within mature organizations.


Apply with your project. We will review the applications and admit the best ideas to our 100 days venturing.


100 days venturing includes a detailed process from an idea towards a successful venture coached by our lean startup experts.
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Our innovation campus in Stuttgart offers a unique combination of startup spaces, IT know-how and venture building expertise in one place.
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01 Application Phase

  • Schedule your pitch here.
  • Together with you, we will determine your innovation goals and define next steps
  • We will then review your application and start the program at the earliest possible date.

02 Project Assessment

A team of our experts evaluates your project or technology providing you with a detailed feedback regarding the business potential.

03 Admission to the Programm

The project has made it among the few finalists and achieved admission to the program. The journey can begin.



Week 01

The first week is all about the basics. Get to know the venture team, exchange each other’s skill sets, provide knowledge transfers and define a roadmap for the upcoming weeks.


Week 02 - 04

Problem Solution Fit: Build a successful venture requires a solution to a problem. In week 2 to 4 we commonly validate the solution and evaluate the problem solution fit of your idea.

Week 05 - 07

Product Markt Fit: Validate whether the pre-defined value proposition is actually creating value for customers. The validation period includes multiple iteration processes, hypotheses tests or market analyses to evaluate the value proposition of your venture idea holistically.

Week 08 - 10

Business Model Fit:  Consequently, turn a successfully validated value proposition into a profitable and scalable business model is the next step. Together we determine a bullet-proof business model which delivers significant positive value for all stakeholders.


Week 11 - 14

Preparation is key. Therefore, we at 1886Ventures connect our service and staff the team based on all prior findings and prepare your venture idea for a successful market entry.

05 Founding

We decide if the business model is better integrated in your company environment or if we found a new company.



Our venture builder 1886Ventures offers an unique network and decades of innovation expertise.


code_n - the leading innovation workspace hub for digital pioneers - is one of our key partners and enriches our unique network environment.


Just across the street you can find GFT - our sister company. Together with more than 7000 software experts GFT supports us in implementing any digital idea.

Success Stories

Our Team

Ulrich Dietz

Entrepreneur, Founder and Digital Pioneer


Industry and New-Tech Expert, Transformation Specialist


Finance and M&A Expert

Andreas David

Venture Architect
Program Lead

Dominik Czasny

Product & Business Design
Program Lead

Florian Hofmann

Serial Founder & Investor Relations

Safey Halim

CTO in Residence & Enterprise Architect

Dr. Gabriela Steinhauser

New Business Innovation & Venture Development

Aparna Veer

Digital Marketing

Ferenc Horvat


Felix Hahn

Graphic Design & Prototyping

David Kimmich

Sales & Business Development

Ralf Glaser

Marketing & Communication